Secretary’s address

Dear fellows in KOA

Good wishes to all of you.

Change is a way of life. When a society has to face unfairness and inequality the ‘change’ becomes inevitable. Mankind has progressed and reached whatever we are today because of the positives we have imbibed from these changes.

The success of any society is measured by what it gives back to its members. We are fortunate to be standing on an academic pedestal built by our renowned seniors. We need to strive harder to improve our academic standards by increasing sub specialty meetings where what is the latest is discussed in detail, increasing training facilities for our junior colleagues but not at the expense of ignoring general broad CME’s which form the backbone of our academic training. Efforts must be taken to publish our valuable data so that the world appreciates the quality of work being done in our state. The association must also brain storm on what can be done to address the situation of decreasing job opportunities and remuneration for our junior colleagues.

Its time to set aside personal and regional differences and move as a single force to meet the challenges ahead of us. If we don’t, there will be a ‘change’ which will never forgive us.

DR.Bhaskar Subin Sugath