Secretary’s address

Respected Teachers, Senior Colleagues and My Dear Friends,


After two years of uncertainties, restrictions and confusion we are getting back to normalcy. I once again thank every KOA member for the wholehearted support in choosing me as the Hon. Secretary of KOA. I promise to do my level best.


We had a tremendous start to this year with the wonderfully conducted KOACON 2022 at Palakkad. I congratulate Team Palakkad for their achievement in these trying circumstances.


We have a number of CME’s , CTIC’s and other academic programs lined up for this year and enthusiasm shown in our general body to conduct more and more academic programs was really heartening. We will be coming up with the detailed events calendar shortly.


I humbly request every KOA member to join IMA and the schemes of IMA like SSS and PPS which would be very helpful in the time of the crisis. I humbly request every KOA member to contribute to the KOA Benevolent fund at the earliest.


Team Alleppey has taken up the challenge of hosting KOACON 2023 without a moments hesitation. I humbly request every KOA member to support their endeavour to make the next KOACON really mesmerizing.


We are bidding for IOACON 2024. I request all KOA members to support us in this campaign.


Hope we will be having a fantastic year ahead.



Jai Hind.           Jai KOA


Dr.Antony Joseph Thoppil

Hon. Secretary,  KOA