Dr Ramakrishnan S
KOA President , 2022

Dear KOA members,

Greetings from the office of the KOA President. Let me first of all offer my sincere thanks to all the KOA members for elevating me to the highest official post in KOA.

After a gap of nearly two years, we had the opportunity to attend a full fledged physical conference  KOACON 2022 at Palakkad. Dr. Vasudevan sir, Dr. Tajan , and the whole team spared no effort to make it a grand success. Both academics and social activities were of the highest level.For the coming year, we do hope that the corona pandemic does not create a spoilsport and all our academic activities will go ahead in full steam. Apart from the basic and advanced CME s of KOA, a slew of additional CME s are on the anvil.

Our association has the right mix of experienced seniors and enthusiastic juniors. This year’s Presidential theme will be “Empower the Youngsters and Support the Seniors”. Towards this, we are bringing forth a new observership program which will be available in all districts. Each district will have 2-3 centers where the young surgeon will get trained under a mentor in one particular subspeciality for a period of one month. Arrangements are being made to identify these centers and details will be forthcoming soon.

The previous team of officials have raised the level of activity to a very high standard, which will make the job of the present office bearers a tough one Kudos to Rammohan sir, Dr. Subin and Dr. Ansu for a wonderful job done. Me and my team will strive hard to maintain these standards and we hope to have the wholehearted support of all the members of KOA in our endeavours.

My aim will be to bring all orthopaedic surgeons in Kerala under the KOA & IOA umbrella. I shall be planning to visit all the district clubs during my tenure. Being a part of KOA and IOA allows one to keep abreast of the newer developments in the field of orthopaedics. It will also be a platform to discuss the different treatment modalities with the experts.

On the non-orthopaedic front, our cultural club has been activated including members from all districts. The next KOACON at Alleppey will showcase the talents of our members and their family.

The KOA benevolent Fund (KBF) is a very noble venture. it was started as a scheme to support and help members in need. the response from the members has been lukewarm with many either not joining or defaulting payment and I implore all members earnestly to strengthen this project, so that the benefits will reach the needy.

 The coming year will hopefully see normalcy in all our academic activities. We plan to have a busy calendar year and I sincerely request all members to utilize these events to the maximum.

With these words, I would like to conclude, I once again thank every one of you to have reposed your trust in elevating me as president. With gods grace and your support, me and my team will do our very best.

Thank you all,

Jai KOA.

Dr. Ramakrishnan, S.


Dr. Antony Joseph Thoppil
Hon Secretary,  KOA,  2022-2025

Respected Teachers, Senior Colleagues and My Dear Friends,

       After two years of uncertainties, restrictions and confusion we are getting back to normalcy. I once again thank every KOA member for the wholehearted support in choosing me as the Hon. Secretary of KOA. I promise to do my level best.

         We had a tremendous start to this year with the wonderfully conducted KOACON 2022 at Palakkad. I congratulate Team Palakkad for their achievement in these trying circumstances.

       We have a number of CME’s , CTIC’s and other academic programs lined up for this year and enthusiasm shown in our general body to conduct more and more academic programs was really heartening. We will be coming up with the detailed events calendar shortly.

         I humbly request every KOA member to join IMA and the schemes of IMA like SSS and PPS which would be very helpful in the time of the crisis. I humbly request every KOA member to contribute to the KOA Benevolent fund at the earliest.

       Team Alleppey has taken up the challenge of hosting KOACON 2023 without a moments hesitation. I humbly request every KOA member to support their endeavour to make the next KOACON really mesmerizing.

       We are bidding for IOACON 2024. I request all KOA members to support us in this campaign.

Hope we will be having a fantastic year ahead.

Jai Hind.           Jai KOA

Dr.Antony Joseph Thoppil

Hon. Secretary,  KOA


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