Dr Ram Mohan K. P., President,  KOA

I am greatly indebted to each and every member of our august association for having chosen me as The President for the year 2021. It is seat that has been adorned by several illustrious predecessors and my place pales in comparison.

It has been a testing preceding year due to the Pandemic and restrictions imposed by it on academic and social activities. With immunization in full swing and greater awareness on barriers, we hope that much more zealous indulgence on academic programs will be possible, this year.

At present, The Orthopaedic Surgeon’s life is riddled with many challenges. Demanding and suspicious patients , unscrupulous media looking for scapegoats, pressure exerted by employers for higher revenue and ever changing treatment modalities all exert considerable stress and often the average person has difficulty to cope up with. In such a scenario, the umbrella provided by a professional organization is essential. KOA is striving to be a solace to your academic, social and personal comforts and I plead to all Orthopaedic surgeons of the state to enroll yourself as a member and thus strengthen the association as well as yourself.

With longevity and associated ailments on the rise, fractures in Elderly is a common occurrence in all Orthopaedic surgeon’s practice. I have chosen ​“Improving care in fractures in Elderly” ​as the Presidents theme for the year 2021. Optimal stabilization of the fracture, sufficient post operative and follow up care after hospitalization, adequate rehabilitation , continued treatment of co-morbidities and Osteoporosis all are important factors to reduce morbidity and mortality after a fracture in elderly. The slogan for the year may be-

“Fractures in Elderly-Stabilize, support and Rehabilitate”

​I have some other aspirations also, for the coming year like
1. Providing access to reputed journals and E-books at reduced cost to

members through association’s platform.

2. Conduct more Hands-on workshops and cadaver courses for benefit of younger members.

With an enthusiastic secretary and supportive executive committee, I hope that we can have a fruitful year of academic and social activities. It is time that we forget petty differences of opinion and move forward as a united body and aim for excellence in our specialized area of work-all for the ultimate goal, The betterment of our patients.

Jai KOA, Jai Hind

Dr.Bhaskar Subin Sugath ,SECRETARY KOA


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