Prof. Dr. Aneen Nambikutty
KOA President

My vision is to increase the visibility of Kerala Orthopaedic Association and to be a force in Academics, Strength and Leadership in India by 2030.

For this we have to empower our younger generation of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Now we have around 1700 members and I see lot of talents in our younger greneration both in academics, surgical skills and leadership. But all are not getting equal opportunities. So under KOA we should train young Orthopaedic surgeons in teaching and thus maximise the opportunities for the upcoming surgeons to learn.



So, I have kept Presidential theme 2024 as “Train to Teach and Teach to Train”, Building a Strong Association by Academics, Friendship and Leadership.

For this purpose we started the KOA Instructional Webinars every month from each district on 3rd Tuesday involving all young surgeons who are willing to give a shot at teaching. Each member can apply to KOA to be a faculty and we can find excellent talents who can be given opportunity in our annual conferences.Its our pride that you our women Colleagues choose to be in a speciality which is occupied mostly by male Orthopaedic surgeons. Of late there is a surge in women entering more into this speciality.

Seniors among them would have fought very much to survive. We have to make it easier for our junior and future women Orthopaedic Surgeons and to establish them amongst the top in Orthopaedics. So, Women Orthopaedic Wing, Kerala Orthopaedic Association, WOW KOA.

Technology is taking the whole world for a ride and so also our specialty. Many surgeons have embraced it already in the form of robotics etc but most of us can’t afford it now. So KOA has already started efforts in this direction & we are planning to spread the knowledge of how to utilize technology in cheaper ways. For example how to do 3D printing, use of AI in Orthopaedic practice and learning.

We also have to focus on the membership in IOA from Kerala to be a decisive force at the national level. We are having academic activities every week in Kerala during this year.

First International Conference of Kerala Orthopaedic Association called KOA International Conclave is being conducted in 1st week of June 2024.

We are hosting 2 national conferences this year Pelvi acetabular from 19th  to 21st April 2024 at Kochi and IFASCON from 22nd to 24th August 2024 at Kochi and the OASISCON 2024 at Palakkad from 30th August to 1st September 2024.  We have natural teachers, natural surgeons, and people who always work in pursuit of others happiness. We need to bring all these into our leadership. Leaders are those who bring up leadership under them. And we need such Leaders to come up and help this association to go to greater heights.

Dar ke agee jeet hai, Success is not a destination its a journey to perfection.

I request the support of all members to take Kerala Orthopaedic Association to the next level at the national stage during this year.

Thank you all,
Prof. Dr. Aneen Nambikutty



Dr. Antony Joseph Thoppil
Hon Secretary,  KOA,  2022-2025

Dear Respected Teachers, senior colleagues, and dear friends,

KOACON 2024 marked a dynamic start, blending academics, ambiance, and entertaining experiences. As we gear up for upcoming academic programs, I urge all members to actively participate.

Addressing a concern, only 50% of our members are part of IOA. Let’s boost our IOA membership, ensuring a stronger voice in IOA matters. I call upon our club officials to vigorously promote IOA membership campaigns.

Excitingly, we’ve combined fellowship and mentorship programs, offering 10 fellowships this year. Club officials, please champion these opportunities, allowing young orthopaedic surgeons to train under the best in our state.

Our webinar series thrives, and I encourage all clubs to host at least one webinar annually. Additionally, don’t miss our groundbreaking KOA International Conference in Dubai this June. Enroll now for a successful venture.

Save the date for Callus 2024-KOA SPORTS MEET on October 18-20, hosted by Thrissur Orthopaedic Society. Join us in the cultural capital of Kerala for a warm welcome and memorable experience.

Yours sincerely,
Antony Joseph Thoppil
Hon. Secretary KOA

Dr Jiju A Nuuman

Hon. Treasurer, KOA, 2021-2024

Respected Teachers and Dear Colleagues,

Greetings from the Treasurer’s Office of the KOA!

Kudos to Team KOACON 2024 for orchestrating a stellar KOA annual academic event!

With immense gratitude, we extend our heartfelt thanks to all life members of the KOA for their unwavering support, guidance, and cooperation. It is your collective spirit that has enabled us to establish the KOA Lounge, a dedicated space for our esteemed life members to utilize as a travel hub, for a nominal utility fee of Rs 1000 plus GST.
As Treasurer of the KOA, I am delighted to announce that post-pandemic, our KOA Chambers at IMA House have been a source of steady income.

As an organization of charitable nature, we take pride in our contributions to society. Last year, we provided school materials to a tribal village in Nilambur. For the year 2024, we invite suggestions from our members for further charitable endeavors.

I humbly urge all life members of the KOA who did not attend KOACON 2024 to consider joining or renewing the KOA Benevolent Fund.

Let us eagerly anticipate 2024 with a vision of continued growth, collaboration, and groundbreaking achievements for KOA.

Warm regards,
Dr. Jiju A Nuuman
Hon. Treasurer
Kerala Orthopaedic Association

Jai Hind, Jai KOA



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Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.

Prof. Aneen Nambikutty,President, KOA
Dr. Antony J Thoppil,Secretary, KOA
Dr Jiju A Nuuman , Treasurer , KOA

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