KOA Benevolent Fund

Respected teachers & dear friends                                                                      March 22,2021


The covid pandemic helped all of us to realize how vulnerable we all are as humans even in this age of advanced technology . It just takes a simple diagnostic test to change one’s life forever.


IMA has initiated many novel schemes which have been the backbone of our fraternity in the event of unforeseen circumstances and no words can express our gratitude to IMA for the same.


Most of the benefits are only given after death of the member to his bereaved family. In view to help our life members suffering from an unexpected illness, the KOA general body held during the KOACON-2021 approved the proposal of the KOA executive committee to start the KOA Benevolent Fund. ( KBF) .


The following are the guidelines approved by the GB of KOA regarding KBF.


  1. KBF is open only to life members of KOA
  2. The members will have to pay a joining fee of Rs: 1000/- and an annual fee of Rs: 500 for KBF.
  3. The central committee of KBF will review the applications for support from KBF members and release the appropriate amount subject to a maximum of Rs: 1.5 Lakh
  4. All claims will be settled at the end of calendar  year of KOA
  5. The diseases to be covered under the scheme and amount to be dispersed will be the sole discretion of the central committee of KBF.
  6. The central committee of KBF will be constituted  by


President of KOA, Secretary of KOA, Treasurer of KOA

President Elect of KOA , Imm Past President of KOA


The general body also decided that all life members of KOA,  who had registered for KOACON 2021 will be included as members of KBF.


The financial constraints of a small body like KOA restricts disbursement to multiple applicants in case of calamities as we had last year. Hence the need for pooling our resources in case of  an  eventuality to a fellow member and that is what KBF attempts to do so that ready disbursal can be done without tasking our members at each and every event


Please make your payment online with the link given below


Kindly email your payment details to  koakbf@gmail.com


KOA kindly requests all life members who have not joined KBF to do so, so that all of us can strive together to help a member in need.


One for All, All for One .


Thanks & Regards


President                                    Secretary                       Treasurer

Dr Ram Mohan KP                    Dr Subin Sugath            Dr Ansu Anand A.


Click here to make payment to KOA Benevolent fund-KBF