Dr Jijo Jose

Dear fellows in KOA

Greetings from KOA.The Kerala orthopaedic association from its origin in 1981 has grown in stature and strength to 1117 membership now.This is the Association build by our great founders and teachers who have taught us to be united inspite of our differences.I would like to take forward this legacy to build a stronger KOA.

I sincerely thank all those who participated in election process as returning officer,candidates,polling agents and lastly but most important our KOA members who have realised that their votes are required for a democratic process of our association and exercised their franchise.

The updating and printing of KOA protocols,the third edition of the KOA directory are some of goals that we have kept for coming years.Our this years priority will be to make IOACON 2016 KOCHI a landmark event in the history of IOA and KOA.

During our journey to alleviate musculoskeletal pain our interpersonal relationship has to be strengthened.I humbly request all KOA members to guide me and our team and support us so that I can do justice to the job you have entrusted me.

Hon.Secretary, KOA