Greetings to all my friends from the Presidents desk   

I hope to be connecting with you all, personally or telephonically this year. We need to take forward the KOA IMA wellness initiative and involve all our members into its fold, so that it benefits all members and their family. I request each and every one to cooperate and ensure that it is done at the earliest.             

The association protocols needs to be reworked and amended .Land acquisition and KOA building plans are being followed up in earnest. This year I believe is a very testing time for the association as there are legal matters to be handled. Whatever the conclusion of this year’s electoral reforms, We need to ensure everybody in this organisation has a right to exercise their franchise..
The Bone and Joint Day is on 4th August 2018. The various activities can be done from 1-8- 2018 to 7-8-2018.
Following are the various activities recommended.
a) Free Surgery
b)  Programs on Prevention of RTA
c) Basic Life Support Courses to Paramedics  and General Public
d) Golden Hour Trauma Management for Doctors
e) Bone Health Awareness Programs – Backache, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, Sports Injuries etc.
f) Programs related to Orthopaedic Disability

I pray for your whole hearted support to take this association to greater heights in the right spirit and ethics.
Dr. Sabin Viswanath