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It is with great pride and privilege that I take up the post of the President of KERALA ORTHOPAEDIC ASSOCIATION.

Our Augustus Association was formed in my birth place Kottayam on 26-4-1981 at the then Rotary Hall opposite Hotel Aida. The birthplace does not have a board now and the lower floor is a hotel called Biriyani Hut. 65 members attended the meeting and the driving force was Prof.Perumanoor Abraham Alexander who incidentally is my third cousin. The association was registered by the efforts of Dr.Lazar Joseph Chandy. The first directory was brought out by Antony Allookkaran John. The Arun Kumar Gupta Trophy was brought five times to the state twice by Sherry Isaac, Twice by Me and once by Kalathil Ragavan Sreenath as Hon. Secretaries in 2000,2001,2002,2003 and in 2010.The presidents were Drs Alookkaran Antony John, Sunny Pazhayattil Chakkunny, Wilson Iype Pulikkottil, Ponnezhathu Sebastian John and Eramangalethu GopalakrishnaPanicker Mohankumar.

Almighty has granted me the opportunity to bring out the KOA protocols in 2002 and to institute the P.A.Alexander life time achievement award of KOA, Honorary Fellows of KOA and the meritorious awards in 2005.

My theme for 2017 will be “REDEEM, REVIVE & REJUVANATE”.
Redeem the association, Revive the membership drive and rejuvenate members for a complaint free election both postal ballot and online.

I would like to redeem our protocols redeem our directory and to bring out our third edition in KOACON 2018 at Kannur. I would also like to retrace our history and to fully elucidate our orthopaedic tree, a small sample I brought our along with the Bekal Koacon 2017 brochure.

Membership drive is of at most importance. A big percentage of orthopedic surgeons of the state are outside our fraternity. I hope to Revive and improve our members through an aggressive membership campaign.

I hope to rejuvenate members for a complaint free election both postal ballot and online.

I would like to form a legal cell for redressal of injustices & injustice to members. I know of specific incidence where there was gross injustice to our dear colleagues. I fervently believe that it is the need of the hour.

I hope to also institute two gold medals. One for the best ortho oncology paper in KOACON and the second for the best innovative paper of KOACON.
I hope to encourage forming few District/city ortho clubs.
I would also like to see a big surge in the paper published by the members.
I am confident that with your support we can achieve all our goals.


President, Kerala Orthopaedic Association