Chief election officer-President elect of KOA




Presidents of all local clubs

KOA secretary shall be an ex officio member with no voting rights.

Commission should meet 3 times-

1.Before notification

2.Before sending ballots

3.Immediately after voting is over

In case of any difference of opinion between commission members the majority decision shall prevail. In case of equal divided opinion the decision of CEO shall be final.

(To maintain neutrality, the CEO shall vote only in case of a tie.

Quorum for EC is minimum 25% of the total members


The state secretary shall provide club wise list of members to the local clubs on or before 15th August 2019

This membership list will be published in all the clubs on or before 25th August 2019

Corrections if any have to be intimated to the state secretary on or before 30th August. 2019

Final voters list with name, KOA LM number, home club, registered email address and mobile number will be published on 5th September 2019 in the office of the EC and KOA website. All clubs will publish the list by 10th September 2019

Every KOA member should select one of the 11 clubs as his home club and exercise his franchise only at that club.

(a) Chief Election Officer:

The President-elect shall be the chief election officer for the year of his office. He shall maintain the highest degree of integrity in the conduct of this solemn duty.

(b) Schedule of Elections:

The President-elect shall build up a schedule of elections in consultation with election commission. The schedule shall be published in September issue of the News Letter and KOA website along with the posts for which elections are to be held. All nominations should come through concerned clubs.


Election Notification 15th September 2019

Last date for receipt of nomination papers by EC 31 October 2019

Last date of informing the candidate (Scrutiny of nomination papers by EC)5thNovember 2019

Last date for withdrawal 10thNovember 2019

List of candidates to be published in KOA website 15th November 2019

Last date for sending the sample ballot papers to contestants 30TH NOVEMBER 2019

Last date for receipt of approved ballot paper 10th December 2019

Date of election-2nd Monday of January 2020


An Election Tribunal should be constituted by the KOA executive every year before election notification with 3 past presidents of KOA who are not members of election commission to consider disputes regarding election if any.

  1. The function of the election tribunal shall be confined to disputes arising only after the declaration of results and not regarding the election process for which the EC is there.
  2. The seniormost KOA president in the committee will be the chairman of the tribunal. (seniority as KOA president)
  3. Date of receipt of the complaint after the counting is over -20th January
  4. Election tribunal to dispose of the complaint within one month from the date of receipt of the complaint.
  5. Election tribunal has the power to call for the records from the secretariat regarding the election, scrutinise the ballot papers, record evidence of persons who wish to dispose before the election tribunal, call any member of the KOA to give evidence regarding the matter in dispute. 3


The tribunal shall give its verdict in writing and the same shall be binding on all parties concerned. The expenditure incurred by the election tribunal shall be borne by the member who files the complaint or the club that files the complaint. The expenditure incurred by the parties shall be borne by each party concerned.

In case member/members or any other party is not satisfied with the decision of the election tribunal and prefers to go to the court, the jurisdiction shall be Ernakulum. All facilities and expenses of election tribunal should be provided by state office.



The chief election Officer shall on or before 1stJanuary of every year, send to each local club Secretary, printed and numbered ballot papers signed by chief election officer containing the names of the candidates by registered post/courier/special messenger.

The election will be conducted on 2nd Monday of January every year and counting will be done on the polling day in the concerned local clubs. The particulars of votes and ballot papers (used and remaining) will be sent to the chief election Officer with signature of the club Secretary and polling officer by registered post. The particulars of the votes should be recorded in the Minutes Book of the local clubs. The club Secretary should Intimate about the place, and time of the polling to the members via email, SMS and WhatsApp.

Election commission shall appoint a returning officer to conduct election in each club.

If the returning officer couldn’t reach, the club president can nominate a senior member with a minimum of 5year life membership in his place after informing and getting approval from the chief election officer.

(Any returning officer who fails to carry out his duty will be debarred from contesting any elected post of KOA for the next five years)

Elections will be held on 2nd Monday of January in all the clubs by ballot from 3 pm -9 pm.

Final counting will be done on same day in the club itself.

“The counting of the ballot papers will be done on the same day itself in the Club after the polling time.”

Club presidents will be deputed as election officer to a club other than his parent club

If any club president is contesting for election ,then vice president of that club will become member of Election commission.

The ballots shall be printed by the KOA office at a press selected by the KOA executive committee.

The number of ballots printed shall be intimated by the EC to the KOA executive committee.

All postings of the electoral ballot to the various clubs shall be done by the KOA office . 5


Election commission should maintain the record of the serial number of ballot send to each club.

Number of club members+10 will be the number of ballots send to each club

The club secretary should acknowledge the receipt of the same and should keep in safe custody. The cover will be opened only at the time of election by the returning officer.

If the cover is seen in a damaged state or if seal is broken election will be postponed and matter will be reported to EC by returning officer.EC shall conduct proper enquiry and report given to state president. Election will be conducted on another date.

The candidates are permitted to appoint a polling agent to monitor the conduct of election. Names of polling agents should be informed to election commission before 1st January and can change the polling agent latest upto 24 hrs prior to election after getting permission from election commission.

The returning officer, observer and election agent can vote in the branch they are attending

Voter should produce a valid photo Govt id (aadhar/electoral id/passport/driving licence) and returning officer will issue ballot paper after verifying id card .

If any vote is challenged by polling agent ,it will be kept as challenge vote

Any voter standing in the que to vote at the ending of voting time shall be allowed to vote.

The voting time shall not be extended under any circumstances without the concurrence of the EC.

Any vote polled after the prescribed voting time will be considered invalid

Counting of vote will be done at the end of polling time. The number of votes obtained by each candidate will be entered.

The details of votes secured by each candidate will be entered in the Performa supplied by the EC and the form will be signed by the returning officer, club secretary, and polling agents.

The Performa and the ballot papers (used and unused in separate covers) will be sent to the office of the EC in a sealed cover within the end of next working day through courier or special messenger.

The returning officer will submit a report to the EC regarding the conduct of election in that club.

Clubs should minute the election process

EC will inform the returning officer about the time and place of election.

The final tabulation of vote will be done at the office of EC within 15 days.

Candidates will be informed regarding the verification of votes by the EC through email. 6


Candidates/ authorized person can supervise the verification process.

Total number of votes obtained by each candidate will be published on the same day and result will be declared in the next general body by chief election officer

Election commission should discuss with candidates and try to arrive at a consensus to avoid election if possible

  1. c) Standard Performa for Ballot Paper and various other paraphernalia sent to all members.

(i) Main Ballot Paper


No: Signature of

Name of Election Officer: Election Officer

PRESIDENT Elect (ONE POST, One year)Put (X) against the Candidate

Name of Contestants Place



VICE-PRESIDENT( One Post, One year)



Hon. SECRETARY ( One post-every Three years)



TREASURER ( One post-every Three years)



EDITOR ( One post-every 2 years)



JOINT SECRETARIES ( Two post-every year)






CHAIRMAN LONG TERM PLANNING ( One post-every Three years)

New posts for election

  1. OASIS EXECUTIVE MEMBERS-2 posts-2 yrs 7


  1. OASIS JOINT SECRETARY -1 POST 3YRS &BECOME OASIS SECRETARY GENERAL-will be there only when Kerala’s turn arises

3.OASIS VICE PRESIDENT –will subsequently become senior vice president and then president when our states turn comes


CAPE chairman-min age 45 and max 65

Max age limit to contest is 65 for all posts except president.There wont be any age limit for president post

A polling agent can represent more than one candidate

(ii) Proforma for Ballot paper for Executive Committee members.


No. Signature

Name of Election Officer of Election officer

Put (x) in FOUR

Please do not put any other mark on this paper. Do not sign.

The ballot should not carry any other mark. Put ‘X’ mark for only the candidates you wish to elect as mentioned depending upon Put ‘X’ mark against the name of your choice in the box provided against the name of the candidate in the ballot paper number of posts.

Circumstances for invalidation of votes.

(i) A member who has used more than one ballot paper.

(ii) Putting a signature on ballot paper.

(iii) Putting any mark on ballot paper apart from mandatory (x) in the box provided.

(iv) Putting more (x) marks than number of vacancies against each post.


  1. President Elect – 1 post, term 1 year.
  2. Vice- President – 1 post, term 1 year
  3. Joint Secretaries – 2 posts, term 1 year

( One each from South & North zone )

4.Editor KOA Journal – 1 post term 2 year

  1. OASIS Treasurer – 1 post, term 3yrs

Items related to Election decided in the Special GB2019 @ (Thrissur ) 30/6/2019

  1. If a club does not participate in/refuses to participate in/boycotts any election of the Kerala Orthopaedic Association [KOA], eligible voters of those clubs may vote in the adjoining district where election is being held and Returning Officer [RO] should inform the Chief Election Officer[ CEO] by Whatsapp/SMS/ and email- the names and KOA membership number of the voters form the other district clubs who have voted there and the CEO shall Inform all the other RO s the names of these voters so as to prevent double voting.


  1. The Club Secretary Shall be barred for 5 yrs from contesting any elected or nominated post of the KOA if he refuses to conduct an election of the KOA


  1. If the Club Secretary cannot [for reasons other than refusal] conduct an election of the KOA, then he or the Club President will have to nominate a KOA member who has been a Life Member [LM] for at least 5 years


  1. If a Club President will not / cannot go as a Returning Officer and will not appoint a substitute, then the [CEO] can appoint a KOA member who is a LM for 5 yrs.’ to act as the RO and the substituted RO may be from the same club or another club as per CEO’s discretion


  1. The KOA office and the Office Secretary shall be involved in all elections of the KOA and all elections of the KOA shall be done through the KOA office only including printing of the Ballot papers and posting/ delivering the ballot papers


  1. All meetings of the Election Commission of the KOA [EC-KOA] shall be conducted after informing the members of the EC-KOA by e mail and WhatsApp/SMS and the minimum of 25% of the members should be present for the meeting to be legally valid.


  1. The EC-KOA shall have final say in candidate selection issues


  1. After any election of the KOA each RO shall send the signed voters list, affidavits of the polling agents, counting sheet/ proforma [signed by all concerned ], used and unused ballot papers to the postal address of the CEO by registered post


  1. Not mandatory for secretaries to minute the election in club meetings


  1. In case of disputes regarding election matters the decision of the General Body of the KOA [annual or special] shall be final


  1. A period of one week will be given for candidates and clubs to officially object to the rejection or acceptance of any candidate by sending email to the CEO, EC members and KOA Secretary


  1. The EC is bound to give a reply to all these complaints within one week after last date of receipt of complaints.


  1. If a candidate or club doesn’t receive a reply from the EC within the stipulated time they can take appropriate legal measures


  1. Any legal measures taken without approaching the EC will be considered as an anti Association move and appropriate action would be taken by the GB for the same