KOA Fellowships


To expose young orthopaedic surgeons to different orthopaedic problems and their solutions in different situations and facilities. To expose young surgeons to senior orthopaedic surgeons with a view to interact, gain knowledge of attitudes and philosophy of work, skills, organization of department and clinics etc. Establish rapport with orthopaedic surgeons for future interaction and to make lasting friendships along, the way.


The fellowship committee selects young surgeons from applicants <40 years of age by the deadline of application. The fellows travel for a period between 4-6 weeks starting after KOACON. They visit the cities and at least two other smaller centers, decided by rotation, during their travel.


By Travelling Fellowship committee chairman who may discuss with the President/ President-Elect / Hon.Secretary. For all the fellowship the chairman Fellowship committee shall be responsible for arranging the visit of Fellow to various centers

Last date of application

All applications should be received by the chairman Travelling fellowship committee by 31st, December He shall send a set of application forms to Chairman and KOA Office. The fellowship shall usually start after KOACON & shall be for 4-6 weeks duration. The fellows will not be entitled to free registration and stay during the conference. On successful completion of the Fellowship the Fellow shall have to submit an official report to the Hon. Secretary and Chairman Travelling Fellowship Committee . All the Fellows should be present during the annual general body , where the reports are to be presented . Defaulters of the fellowship will not be considered for any of KOA fellowship for the next 5 years.


To complete the full tenure of the fellowship responsibly. To follow the guidelines provided by the Chairman Travelling Fellowship Committee and all local fellowship coordinators of the centres visited. To submit a completion report to the Chairman Travelling Fellowship Committee within a month of completion of the fellowship.

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